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The pioneer of fashion sunglasses, Oliver Goldsmith have been in the forefront of fashion since 1926. They created a whole new concept, a new movement of sunglasses as iconic pieces.

In the second half of last century, when it came to eyewear, OG was synonymous with stars and style.

OG was the first to envisage sunglasses as fashion accessories, the first to make sunspecs and winter sunglasses, the first to work alongside fashion houses and create one-off pieces for high-fashion catwalks. They were the first to appear in Vogue and the first brand to be endorsed by celebrities and Royals.

Think 20th Century icons. Grace Kelly. Peter Sellers. Michael Caine in his signature black spectacles. Audrey Hepburn in the big white glasses that framed her elfin face. The Iconic style makers – Givenchy, Dior and Vidal Sassoon.Think cult films of the fifties & sixties, The Ipcress File, Harry Palmer, Charade and Two for the Road. They’ve all got one thing in common, Oliver Goldsmith.

Most OG sunglasses are easily made into prescription sunglasses due to their quality and design. Ever lasting styles that have stood the test of time and look amazing in any current wardrobe.

Our OG range features sunglasses for men, sunglasses for women, optical glasses for men and optical glasses for women.

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