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RES / REI – Handmade in Italy with love.

RES REI has some of the most popular sunglasses and optics for women and are committed to the human touch in their design process and glasses aesthetic. From the accuracy of creating simply shaped frames to adding details that create their identity. Their custom acetate and materials make this brand unique.

For RES REI frames are multi-purpose from an aesthetic view to medical functionality. Therefore the promotion of individuality underpins its creation ensuring there is a personal identity for every wearer.

It’s the small details of these frames that make the difference. From colour lamination to three-dimensional work, elaborate acetate hues to temple embellishments: it’s the attention to the details that make each frame a work of art.

Eyes Optometrists is excited to stock this exclusive brand therefore if you are looking for something creative and different this may very well ‘fit your face’.

See our expert frame stylists for a RES REI frame to fit you and your style perfectly. Range features sunglasses for women and optical glasses for women.

Available: Richmond


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